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Discipline with Purpose

In addition to the standard grade ­level curriculum, your child will be learning and practicing self­ discipline skills this school year. Parental support is crucial in helping children become self­ disciplined! The fifteen self ­discipline skills and appropriate ages for instruction are as follows:

Basic Skills – Grades PK – 3rd

1. Listening
2. Following instructions
3. Asking questions
4. Sharing: Time, space, people, things
5. Social skills

Constructive Skills – Grades 4th – ­6th

6. Cooperation
7. Understanding reasons for rules
8. Choosing procedures to accomplish tasks
9. Leadership
10. Serving others

Generative Skills -­ Middle and High School

11. Organizing time
12. Working with others to resolve problems
13. Taking the initiative to resolve problems
14. Separating fact from feeling
15. Serving others

Opportunities to teach children the fifteen self­ discipline skills abound within any school day. Teachers welcome opportunities to help children help themselves. All disruptive behavior is routinely handled on the spot by the adults in the school.

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