The Arts


Art is everywhere and children at St. Benedict have the opportunity to embrace it in fun and unique ways. It is a subject where students open their minds to other cultures and other worlds. Through art, children develop thinking skills, solve problems and learn other ways to see their surroundings. In the SBCS Art Program, students travel to Africa to learn about masks, to Europe to see the classic painters, to America to appreciate landscapes and crafts. They visit our neighbors to the south and learn about the rich and colorful cultures of Latin America. They mix geometry, shapes and colors to learn about abstract art. They work in groups to plan the back-drop for the plays or other presentations that occur throughout the school year. Students learn about art through visiting art museums, galleries, and participating in contests.



Communication is the key to the modern world. St. Benedict Catholic School gives its students the opportunity to increase their communications skills by learning a second language.

Learning another language is not only about repeating sounds and words; it is also about learning the culture of the countries speaking that language. At SBCS, students in grades PreK – 5th grade learn Spanish through songs, crafts, and arts as children do in Spanish speaking countries. It is a playful and natural way to learn and become familiar with different sounds and words. Middle School students will have the option  of learning a second language using Rosetta Stone.


Choral Music

There are several choral music opportunities at St. Benedict.  Children in 3rd – 8th grade may participate in the SBCS Performance Choir, which is an outreach show choir intended to serve the greater community by offering musical performances. The SBCS Mass Choir is primarily for middle school students where they learn Catholic hymns, songs and musical responses to be sung at weekly SBCS school masses.



Classroom Music

Classroom music at St. Benedict is for all students from PreK3 – 5th grade, while students in middle school have an opportunity to participate in integrated arts. Music gives students the opportunity to learn music theory, ear training, note and rhythm reading, music history, the names and sounds of musical instruments, music appreciation, and sacred music. Students learn vocal music singing techniques, to sing as a soloist and in choral groups.

Students in 6th – 8th grade have an opportunity to participate in music through an integrated arts program that incorporates World Music, technology, music composition and drama.



Band is new at SBCS, and is offered to all children in 5th – 8th grade by the St. Michael High School Band Director. Students rent or purchase their own instruments and pay an annual fee to participate.  Band meets weekly during classroom time. 



The Saint Benedict Catholic School Orchestra Program is through the Eastern Shores Chamber Orchestra. The program offers private instruction in strings and other orchestral instruments as well as guitar. Most instruction is for fee and individual, but some group lessons occur as well.



We have two musical theater opportunities throughout the year, the Christmas and the spring musical. First is the annual Christmas musical, which is for the entire student body. Middle school students are cast in the musical while each class performs their own choreographed song as part of the show. The second opportunity is the spring musical performed only by middle school students. Both of these opportunities reinforce the skills of performance, memorization, cooperation, public speaking, listening, and following directions.