Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance Program

St. Benedict Tuition Assistance Program is offered to families of students in K-5 kindergarten through 8th grade. It encompasses several forms of tuition assistance with several awarding benefactors. Those applicants who file an annual tax return will use their 1040 to apply.  Those applicants, who do not file an annual Tax Form 1040, must complete the Pastoral/Principal Tuition Assistance Form and set up an appointment with their parish priest in order to be considered. 

Step 1 – Register student(s) & discuss with principal and/or bookkeeper available options.

Prior to March 1st for the following school year. Current tax form 1040 and a small processing fee is required at the time of the application.  

Step 2 – File Taxes As Soon As Possible (if Catholic) – give school office a copy of your 1040

Step 3 – Complete the Pastoral/Principal Financial Aid Form –  Click here to access form

Complete and return the form with your personal information and your parish priest signature by May 1st for the following school year.  

Optional Grant & Scholarship Opportunities

These are income based and must be received by our school office prior to May 15th of the following school year.

 Apply for KREMER FOUNDATION GRANT  –  Click here to access form