Student Tithing – An Act of Giving

We’re excited to announce the introduction of student tithing during St. Benedict Catholic School Mass on every third Wednesday of each month, with all collected funds going to support Mary’s Shelter! This initiative is a wonderful way for your child to discover the happiness in giving, understand the concept of selfless service, and deepen their faith.
Tithing is a biblical practice that involves giving a percentage of your earnings as a contribution to the church. Teaching your child about tithing not only introduces them to a long-standing tradition in many faiths, but it also instills the value of generosity and gratitude.
Here’s a simple way to explain tithing to your child:
1. Break down income: Start by explaining how income is earned, whether it’s through a job, allowance, or gifts.
2. Explain percentage: Use simple math to explain what a percentage is. You can use examples like dividing a pizza or a pie into 10 equal parts, and giving one part away.
3. Show the importance: Talk about why we tithe. Explain it’s a way of expressing gratitude for what we have and helping others who may need support.
4. Practice giving: We are providing an opportunity during Mass every 3rd Wednesday of the month for the students to give their tithe that they have EARNED in some way. What are some ways that your child earns money?
5. Make it fun: Turn tithing into a fun activity. Use a piggy bank or a clear jar to visually see their tithes accumulate.
6. Lead by example: Show your child that you also tithe. This will reinforce the practice and show them it’s a lifelong commitment.
Remember, the goal is not just to teach about tithing, but to instill a spirit of giving and generosity in your child. It’s important they understand that it’s not about the amount they give, but the heart and intention behind it.


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